Carolyn is an artist based in Durham, NC. With a unique + controlled style, she has been painting emotional imagery for over fifteen years. Through thoughtful combinations of color + gesture, her distorted figures act as visual invitations for viewers to engage with the work on a deep level. Whether it be with small brushes + intricate details or palette knives + movement, she draws in viewers with a balance of intrigue and beauty.  Vulnerable + jaded by personal experience, each work is a pictorial autobiography that evokes an undeniable response from the audience.

When she is not in the studio, Carolyn works as a bookkeeper, helping small businesses + entrepreneurs to track their income + expenses. She is a stickler for detail, never without a ruler + red pen, and keeps an abundance of file folders + labels in arms reach. 


I grew up in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I spent my first two years of college pursuing a concentration in sculpture, but completed my studies as a painter. Influenced by instructors whom I will never forget, I received my BFA in Painting at Kutztown, University in 2001.

After graduation, I moved to the city of Philadelphia. It was here that I made life long friends, bought my first home, embraced being a die-hard sports fan + met the love of my life, Matt.

After getting married in June 2014, we decided to open a new chapter of our lives with an adventurous to East Nashville, TN. The creative pulse + community of hustlers made this the perfect place for us to pursue our passions and seek new opportunities.

Last fall, we moved to Durham, NC - a smaller city on the rise with a lot of culture and wonderful food! Our fixer upper has a small shed that, after a creative makeover, will make the perfect studio space!