If the goal was to eat, drink + explore our way through Downtown Asheville in three days, well, mission accomplished. I had heard such wonderful things about this small city and, I am happy to report, they all held true. Known for its beautiful scenery, incredible beer, a strong + supportive arts community (which equals open-minded people), and a low key mentality that is contagious after spending just a few hours here, Asheville is the kind of place that makes you want to c h i l l . 


I felt right at home as we walked through the River Arts District. Full of studios where artists work year-round, visitors are encouraged to poke around to see what the creatives are up to in an open, yet personal setting. Its inspiring to walk through other art spaces and see how people operate - some studios are clean, organized, and the process is more evident. Others are messy, even chaotic, and the method behind the madness remains a bit of a mystery. Whatever the process may be, these artists are at it day in and day out, and the results are there for all visitors to enjoy. 


To sum it up, I would say Asheville is all about living the good life. Similar to Nashville, folks here seem to be happy - truly happy, and everyone is off on their own pursuit to make the best of each day. People are friendly, courteous, and everyone, it seems, has a dog (max happiness achieved).

This was one of my favorite trips to date and I am already looking forward to round 2!