tom abbisssmith.png

This journal is a small part of my effort to hold myself more accountable in 2017. Working as a bookkeeper to pay the bills, it has been hard to switch gears and make time for creativity on a regular basis. It is also difficult because, for many years now, I have put work first, which sort of pushed me into being a "seasonal" artist - creating batches of new works and then taking extended time away from the studio. That has not led to much growth or much fulfillment.

One of my goals this year, aside from just creating more work in general, is to branch out + become more expressive through color (way easier said than done). In the last year or so I have become more + more drawn to bold colors and abstract art. My own work is typically quite dark, and each piece tends to have its own (intentionally) limited color palette.

I added the image above (TOM ABBISS SMITH) to my mood board when I decided this weekend that it was time to plan some new work + grab some inspiration. I don't think it is necessarily the complexity but rather the choices of color that make this work exceptional.

I hope this year will bring on new changes + challenges that I am willing to face head on, and that it will help me explore new avenues as a painter.