In a few weeks, I'll be showing new works at Flora, one of my favorite local businesses in Nashville. Really excited to be sharing my art with the folks in this amazing city.

Over the last few months, I have made a conscious effort to approach painting as a career, not as a hobby, and dedicate larger parts of each week to creating. Its been a deliberate mental shift, and not an easy task, to treat my art more as a profession while still allowing for that freedom + flexibility that makes painting so enjoyable. 

Its been pretty awesome working through this new series. These paintings are a bit of an experiment + I'm slowly seeing small changes as I loosen up and consider different ideas + subject matter. Its a tricky thing to make way for those changes, after years of associating certain emotions to my work, and working towards a specific style that gives harmony + recognition to a portfolio. But after fighting to keep a pretty strict pattern to my approach, I am ready to sort of let the work have a mind of its own. I'm listening to what feels right - whether it be grabbing for a brighter color or drawing inspiration from pretty things around me. My goal is to create works that convey both relatable + uncomfortable emotions, but to do so in the most beautiful way possible.