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I am super jazzed to be participating in the RAW ARTISTS Holiday Rawk at City Winery! Tickets are now on sale and are only $22/ea. This group exhibition features artists in all visual arts and will include live music performances and a fashion show! You can show your support by purchasing a ticket here! Can't attend the event? You can still purchase a ticket in support of my showcase, which I will transfer/donate to students at one of Nashville's local art colleges. 

Look forward to seeing you at City Winery + thank you for being an awesome human and supporting the arts! It means the world to all of us!



When I first approached the owners of Flora about having an art show at their plant shop, I wasn't sure if they'd be into it. Although the store is quite large, it is always FULL with an amazing inventory + it is actually quite perfect just the way it is. But Kate + Kirby were very enthusiastic about the idea, and were extremely supportive when it came to giving me the opening I had hoped for. 

My goal was to provide a different kind of art show. I envisioned an inviting, casual setting without the usual stark, white walls of most galleries. With paintings displayed throughout the store, some on easels and others propped up on benches and tables among the plants, the work sat in harmony among the leaves and gave the show a very warm + welcoming feel.

The afternoon was everything I could have hoped for. Friends + neighbors popped in to walk through the space, talk with one another, sip some wine and discuss my new works with me. I loved getting everyone's feedback - its always interesting to hear the different versions of what people are seeing + learn about their interpretations. This feedback is critical, especially now as I begin to incorporate new elements into my work and try to take my paintings to a higher level. 

Big thanks again to the ladies at Flora - I cannot wait to collaborate with them again! xo


In a few weeks, I'll be showing new works at Flora, one of my favorite local businesses in Nashville. Really excited to be sharing my art with the folks in this amazing city.

Over the last few months, I have made a conscious effort to approach painting as a career, not as a hobby, and dedicate larger parts of each week to creating. Its been a deliberate mental shift, and not an easy task, to treat my art more as a profession while still allowing for that freedom + flexibility that makes painting so enjoyable. 

Its been pretty awesome working through this new series. These paintings are a bit of an experiment + I'm slowly seeing small changes as I loosen up and consider different ideas + subject matter. Its a tricky thing to make way for those changes, after years of associating certain emotions to my work, and working towards a specific style that gives harmony + recognition to a portfolio. But after fighting to keep a pretty strict pattern to my approach, I am ready to sort of let the work have a mind of its own. I'm listening to what feels right - whether it be grabbing for a brighter color or drawing inspiration from pretty things around me. My goal is to create works that convey both relatable + uncomfortable emotions, but to do so in the most beautiful way possible.


I love traveling to + exploring new areas - especially when that travel involves a place like The Durham Hotel (Durham, NC). The moment we pulled up to unload our bags, it was obvious that booking this particular hotel was a smart move. Its striking exterior has a sleek, impressive design and the interiors are fully decked out in mid-century modern decor. When we got to our room, we found thick, hooded robes and white slippers waiting for us (sooo cozy), along with a tray full of local snacks and chocolates. After a full day of eating, sipping and checking out some local shops downtown, we returned to our room to find the lights on low, chocolates on our pillows and classical music softly playing from the ihome sitting on the nightstand.  So many fun little touches, which made this a really hard place to leave! With a super clean room, relaxing stay, and such a friendIy, accommodating staff - we just can't wait to go back.










It was a gray, rainy morning, feeling far more like a Monday than a Friday, but I was determined to make the most of it. I needed to flip the switch + put a positive spin on the start of my weekend, so I settled in w/ some coffee + pulled some dreamy images of cool spaces that allow art to dominate a room. I plan to spend the majority of my weekend in the studio and love having resources like these to help push my techniques in new directions. I'm close to finishing two oil paintings - both 4 ft tall x 2 ft wide (hooray) and I'm anxious to get back to exploring w/ the acrylics I picked up for some smaller works. If things go well, I may be able to reach my goal of finishing five paintings in the month of July - wish me luck!


Last night I had a small group of friends over to sip some rosé + create vision boards. With some 90's hip-hop keeping us company, we shared magazines, stories, and sat in my living room cutting out pictures that spoke to our own versions of happy. And instead of taking a serious approach, which is something I do almost 100% of the time w/ everything, I decided my board did not necessarily need to have a theme. I took images from Vogue and found myself really drawn to the bold colors + the fashion, going in and out of mini dream states where designing and creating for a living was in the realm of possibility. I didn't focus on creating a board that captured every little thing i needed or wanted out of life, but instead began piecing together anything that spoke to me for one reason or another. And while my project had a lot of white space left when the night was over, I realized it had only taken a few short hours to be reminded of my love for the ocean, Kate Moss, and that I need to go out dancing more often. None of our vision boards looked exactly the same, but our conversations led us to sharing very similar likes, fears + stressors that we face in our day to day lives. Such a fun night unwinding with some awesome women!



Pinterest holds a special place in my heart, and I find myself using it more often than any other app that's out there. While I agree that its totally possible to overwhelm ourselves w/ social media, these savvy tech tools, when used in moderation, can be a great way to brainstorm new ideas, compile color boards, and just have some fun seeing what other folks out there are up to. 

For me, colors are everything. They convey mood, emotion, energy + I like seeking out images in specific color families. Plum was the first color board I created and I love the way the photos play off each other. These are just a few of the images that came from the board I'm building, which is slowly becoming one of my favorites.

1. thisisglamourous.com 2. elemenop.tumblr.com 3. yarn stash 4. upsocl 5. pastry affair 6. plum + thyme prosecco smash 7. the fashion cuisine


I am a girl who absolutely loves summer, usually soaking up as many sunny days as I can outdoors. But I have to admit - the weather in Nashville has been pretty brutal the last few days, even for this beach bunny. Temperatures have been in the high 90s and since I am not lucky enough to have a pool, or smart enough to hit the lake for the afternoon, it was a great weekend to spend indoors catching up on work + spending time in the studio. Here are a few shots of some small-scale acrylic paintings (12 x 12) I've been working on. I have enjoyed seeing some softer hues coming through in my work + the variations of pink, some rich and others more subtle, remind me of the wonderful rosés that I've had in recent months. I, personally, am loving the rosé craze right now + SO look forward to sipping a glass as a way to welcome the weekend and unwind after a long work week. I am also a-o-kay with its influence carrying over to my work, as it seems to have added a more feminine touch to this new series-pretty refreshing.


Styling + decorating is a big part of what makes our house our home so I thought it would be fun to start sharing some snippets of our surroundings here in Nashville. This is our bedroom. I'd say it is my favorite room in the house, but every room is my favorite for many of the same reasons. The hue we chose for the walls, the beautiful light it receives, and the calming color palette all make this a great space for any time of day. Like many bedrooms, the focal point is the headboard, which was handmade by my husband, crafted w/ a perfectly natural aesthetic. The bedding was a must have after I discovered the West Elm/Steven Alan collection on Refinery29 and I have no regrets (an unhealthy amount of quilts and blankets still await my next purchase in my online cart). There are days when the morning light is so beautiful I can hardly stand it, so I've slowly started to enjoy more starts to my weekend right here - sipping iced coffees, reading my latest Garden & Gun, and brainstorming for our next projects. Today I am enjoying a Simple Truth Kona Blend iced coffee w/ almond milk listening to thunder as a morning storm rolls in. Loving the beginning of what I hope will feel like a very long weekend.


FLORA is officially one of my favorite places in Nashville. Not only is this shop a dream to walk into (bright, green, airy), it is set up in a way that makes it easy to explore all the variations of indoor plants that it has to offer. The minimal wall art and glorious, green couch are perfect for the space + add just the right amount of interest, working in harmony with the numerous displays of different plants. I have been finding so much inspiration lately in plants + flowers, so naturally I did not leave empty handed today during my visit with co-owner, Kate. The shop is loaded right now with so much to choose from and it feels awesome to support such an incredible, local business. Pop in if you get a chance, you will not be disappointed. And keep an eye out for new works where I'll be using elements from these photos as inspiration. Happy Friday!