I am at a strange cross-roads with the new work I am creating. Its evolving in bright, organic directions, which is a good thing. It is coming across as both beautiful + relatable, and those who have seen it in person have responded very well to it. The problem is I am not quite sure how I am responding to it - at least not yet. These new elements are still a bit new, and maybe a little too cheerful in comparison to what I'm used to. I'm extremely attached to (what I describe as) emotional imagery, so I suppose I am waiting for a sign as to how I get these two worlds to collide. 

I have always, always been drawn to emotional art work. In my first Intro to Painting class, our instructor laid out our first assignment in a few simple words - "I want to know what you think, and what you feel". That was it. As a young sculpture major halfway through college, I had never been asked to convey this before, at least not so directly. I wasn't sure how I was going to achieve this, and it was terrifying. 

My first few paintings were just color studies. No images, nothing obtainable. I was mixing colors + blending paints in a beautiful way, but in mostly dark, dreary palettes. It was just what I was drawn to. They were sad + uncomfortable, yet raw + deliberate. I felt they began to tell a story, I just wasn't quite sure where the story was going. It took a few weeks to progress past color studies, but just like that, I was hooked on painting. 

I had always loved the human form, so I began playing with distortion and gesture as a way to push the mood and emotional boundaries of my work. I drew inspiration from artists like Francis Bacon, Heironymus Bosch, and Chaim Soutine, whose works had such complicated mysteries behind them. They were captivating, and I felt a connection. I wanted to challenge myself to make that same connection with my viewers, and hoped I would not be alone in being so drawn to such imagery. 

After years of being fixed in my mission statement and the continuity of my portfolio, I am finally opening up to the idea that it just might be time to expand on my artistic purpose. Its ridiculously uncomfortable but I'm going with my gut on this one. 

I'll also be updating the online shop soon w/ more works, just like the one you see above