This week I began to dabble with heavy body acrylic paint. I have not used acrylics since my early years of college, but was really intrigued about its potential when I met the lovely Ashley Whiteside back in March. Ashley is an incredible artist (really, you n e e d to go check out her work) and, as I have been drawn more to abstract art over the last year, I felt like it was perfect timing when our worlds collided. She shared with me a link, by the amazing Amira Rahim, (https://blog.amirarahim.com/blog/2016/1/21/how-to-make-your-acrylics-look-like-oils) about using heavy body acrylics. I was so inspired by this artist and all of the useful knowledge that can be drawn from her blog, I knew I just had to give this a try.

I've spent only three hours with my acrylics so far + know that this is going to be an uphill battle. This is a completely new medium so I expected it, but nothing is worse for me than being out of my comfort zone. This practice is quite different from the oils I'm used to working with, but that's the inexperience talking I'm sure. I'm actually very excited to be learning something new and trying a new approach.  

From what I have learned so far, acrylics are made for motion, not for detail; made for impact, not for perfection. I admire abstract painters for their rich freedom. There is so much emotion + power behind their works, but they manage to convey congestion w/ fluidity, harmony w/ turmoil, all through intensional brushwork + color. Its so fascinating! I'm eager to take a page out of their book and see where this takes me.