Over the last few months, I've become drawn to brighter, more vibrant colors. Maybe that is just the power of the spring season, or the happiness I feel as we get more settled in our home + our life together. Though my husband + I both went to the west coast on work assignments, I wanted to use our trip to LA as a way to photo journal some ideas for a new painting series. 


I've been considering some interesting combinations (a different direction than my norm) so I wanted to let the experience of what I was seeing in everyday life really take hold. We mostly took walks in the Silver Lake + Larchmont neighborhoods, grabbing coffees + hitting recommended spots for tacos and sushi. But I made it a point to be mindful of my surroundings. I was surprised by the amount of fun, colorful palettes + the natural art that actually exists in the environment and landscapes around us. And as I made a more conscious effort to seek it out each day, I became more inspired and had a greater sense of the works I wanted to create.


This was a sweet + eye opening adventure that was simple in its approach but left me feeling really focused, immensely driven, + full of gratitude.