So, Lemon Laine. Believe me when I tell you that it is heaven to walk through its doors. Every corner has been considered in the style, design, color + execution of this shop. Similar to how I felt the first time I walked into a Whole Foods... I wasn't sure why, but it just felt good to be there. Lemon Laine was the same way. It is clean, pretty, organized. And because this is all new to me, it is an educational experience as well. I like to know that there are powders out there that you can add to your smoothies to help w/ brain function. I love knowing that makeup I put near my eyes is 100% safe. And (more than anything) I love that the owner of LL is a sweet, kind, knowledgable, hard working young lady who has brought her ideas to fruition by staying true to what she is most passionate about in life. Inspiration firing on all cylinders here.


As I focus more on my art + making time for myself, I have come across new things to get excited about. One of which is a small business right here in East Nashville - the all natural beauty store, Lemon Laine

This year I have been making the slow transition to all natural products. I'm excited that oil paints are now safer for artists, and that my cleaning products are still effective + smell amazing, minus the harmful toxins. But when it came to beauty products, I was kind of aloof. I had been buying the same brand of mascara since high school + thought by having sunscreen in my foundation, I was checking all of the right boxes when it came to skin care. But there is so much more to it than that. And, as I get older, I'm paying much closer attention to what I put on my skin - especially the every day stuff!


The photos from this post were from a demonstration at the store for a new product launch.  Attendees were greeted with a glass of rosé and small bites provided by Cafe Roze. Couldn't think of a better way to kick off a weekend. 

Hope everyone gets some me time this weekend - treat yo'self!