You cannot convince me otherwise, there is NOTHING quite like a real beach town. We just returned from celebrating our 3 years of marriage on the west coast and Ocean Beach did not disappoint. I had read that it was one of the "last true beach towns" which is completely true to the way it looks + feels. Not swarming w/ tourists (like us), the size of the community was just perfect for a long, relaxing getaway. Our place was a block from the beach, where we could gaze at the water or watch the locals playing round after round of volleyball. A short walk in any direction and we could indulge in great coffee, local beers, quality pizza (my favorite), and all of the awesome restaurants that were at our disposal. The town was relatively calm for a June weekend, but busy enough to see that the locals here take full advantage of the pho, pool sticks, and rum drinks offered in OB. We passed by an old Volkswagen bus w/ its doors wide open, where a group of surfers, fresh out of the water, were sipping some cold ones in the back. Yep - this is a place we could get used to.