You guys... I can't tell you how fun it has been to finally establish my office space. I have converted one of our guest rooms into an official "me quarters" where, for the last month, I have been doing my daily hustle. I'm hanging some new prints of my favorite ladies to keep me inspired + I've got my Doterra essential oils diffusing at all times. The room is bright, orderly + houses everything I need to allow for more productivity.

For the time being, it is also acting as my creative space. Ideally, an office + studio would be completely separate + hopefully soon it will be (the goal this spring is to build a shed in the backyard which will become my painting studio). Until then I'm making every effort to complete some new works + will continue to build my portfolio.

Another awesome accomplishment was completing the Throw Out 100 Things Challenge which has been SO liberating! Getting started was the hard part. But once I got rollin' it became easier to rationalize with myself + accept that I had been holding on to way too much for all the wrong reasons.

It's crazy how much my focus + mood have improved by making these changes. Really makes me wonder what I was waiting for...