Original art. I always thought of it as something that everyone wanted, but few could afford. I mean, sure, if you were super rich, you could splurge on paintings or photographs (and maybe even start a private collection). But for the average person like me? Purchasing artwork seemed like a pretty major deal - something I would do when "I grow up". Fast forward to the present day. I'm pretty grown up, but still not super rich. Darn. 

Luckily, everyone is talking design nowadays + original, affordable artworks are taking center stage. Art lovers are finding that one-of-a-kind pieces are more attainable as creatives allow themselves to be more approachable.

Why all the fuss about original art? Well, for me, I genuinely care about the places where I spend most of my time. And, as someone who works from home, I want to feel inspired - regularly. I love that we're all being encouraged to surround ourselves with objects and imagery that bring us joy and compliment our personalities. A thoughtfully curated space can have a positive impact on our productivity + help keep stress at bay (seriously)! And while shopping for art is thought to be a little intimidating and even cumbersome, it doesn't have to be.

So, where to begin when finding the right artworks for your space? My belief is that if a person can voice opinions + personal preferences, they have an artistic language. Make a list of what you are drawn to (colors, shapes, styles). These characteristics can be used as visual building blocks + help you hone in on the feel you're looking for.