Just over a week ago, I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend tucked away in a beautiful lake house w/ 8 other creatives. The retreat took place on Lake Barkley, in western Kentucky, just about 90 minutes from Nashville. It was the perfect setting for a weekend of soul searching and artistic breakthroughs.

Attending this retreat was scary as shit (at first). I am not typically a person who likes to speak about my work, especially in front of a room full of strangers, but it wasn't more than a few hours in when I realized I was not the only one w/ that fear. And as we turned in that first night to rest up for two days of workshops, I already felt a connection to these women and, without knowing it, had made a few new friends.

One of the most fascinating things about that weekend was what I took away from the writing exercises. As a painter, I assumed the hands-on workshops would be harder to get through (don't get me wrong, they were super challenging). But I found that after gathering my thoughts, and writing down my fears, my goals + all of the things that I wanted to accomplish, I was insanely overwhelmed. It's a lot to take in, to absorb, and to digest. Luckily as time passed, that feeling turned to excitement. After shifting my focus, it suddenly seemed like anything was possible. I guess there really is power in writing things down. 

Photos from the retreat were provided by the wonderful Meredith Bullock + Kaylan Buteyn ; abstract, framed work given to me by the amazing Katherine Jury.