I am a girl who absolutely loves summer, usually soaking up as many sunny days as I can outdoors. But I have to admit - the weather in Nashville has been pretty brutal the last few days, even for this beach bunny. Temperatures have been in the high 90s and since I am not lucky enough to have a pool, or smart enough to hit the lake for the afternoon, it was a great weekend to spend indoors catching up on work + spending time in the studio. Here are a few shots of some small-scale acrylic paintings (12 x 12) I've been working on. I have enjoyed seeing some softer hues coming through in my work + the variations of pink, some rich and others more subtle, remind me of the wonderful rosés that I've had in recent months. I, personally, am loving the rosé craze right now + SO look forward to sipping a glass as a way to welcome the weekend and unwind after a long work week. I am also a-o-kay with its influence carrying over to my work, as it seems to have added a more feminine touch to this new series-pretty refreshing.