Last night I had a small group of friends over to sip some rosé + create vision boards. With some 90's hip-hop keeping us company, we shared magazines, stories, and sat in my living room cutting out pictures that spoke to our own versions of happy. And instead of taking a serious approach, which is something I do almost 100% of the time w/ everything, I decided my board did not necessarily need to have a theme. I took images from Vogue and found myself really drawn to the bold colors + the fashion, going in and out of mini dream states where designing and creating for a living was in the realm of possibility. I didn't focus on creating a board that captured every little thing i needed or wanted out of life, but instead began piecing together anything that spoke to me for one reason or another. And while my project had a lot of white space left when the night was over, I realized it had only taken a few short hours to be reminded of my love for the ocean, Kate Moss, and that I need to go out dancing more often. None of our vision boards looked exactly the same, but our conversations led us to sharing very similar likes, fears + stressors that we face in our day to day lives. Such a fun night unwinding with some awesome women!